How to Differentiate Between Indica and Sativa Strains of Cannabis 

Medicinal cannabis is often used by medical practitioners in the treatment of a wide range of common conditions. What medicinal cannabis does is that it leads to the user or the patient to feel a much greater sense of both mental and physical relaxation, increased appetite, better sleep and pain reduction. However, it is good for you to know that there are two main types of medicinal cannabis plants and each one of them has unique sets of benefits that you can derive from using them.Read more about  Indica and Sativa Strains of Cannabis  at  Quantum 9    . As a medical practitioner, understanding each of these two types of cannabis plants will help you in administering the correct strain for each of the patients that you are treating.
The cannabis plant has two main strains and these are Indica and Sativa. Both plants have their own different effects on an individual's mind and body that leads to the patient receiving numerous set medical benefits. One main difference between Indica and Sativa is that while Indica strains tend to provide a patient with a more general feeling of body relaxation, Cannabis Sativa strains are used to provide the patients with a more energy.  
Generally, cannabis Indicas are usually short and bushy plants and have wide leaves. The other advantage of Indica plants is that they grow fast and they produce higher yields as compared to the Sativa plants. Also, medicines that are produced from Indica plants contain a much lower THC count and they are rich in CBD.
Some of the major conditions that Indica strains treat include: they offer mental relaxation, relaxation of the muscles, they lead to a decrease in both acute pain and nausea, and they increase your appetite.Read more about  Indica and Sativa Strains of Cannabis  at  Quantum 9 Inc.  . They are also known to increase the level of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that aids in controlling the brain's pleasure and reward centres.
Unlike the Indica strains, Cannabis Sativa strains are not only tall and thin but they also have narrow leaves. These plants also have a lighter colour of green. They require more light to grow and their growth rate is slow, unlike their counterparts, the Indica plants. Apart from that, they have a low concentration of CBD and high concentration of THC. Not only do they reduce anxiety, depression but they also treat chronic pain and increases an individual concentration and creativity. Doctors recommend patients to take Sativa medicinal strains during the day.Learn more from​​